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How fast can you buy my house?

We can purchase your home in El Paso in as little as 7 days. In special circumstances, we can move more quickly (we've been known to purchase in 3 days).

How am I able to sell my house fast with you?

Unlike a traditional real estate transaction, we don't have to go through as many hoops, work with real estate agents, or use banks. 

We use private funds and purchase in all cash, which removes middle men and approval processes from the equation.

How much can I get for my house?

There are a variety of factors that help us determine the offer, some of which include the value of the home, the repairs that are needed, closing costs that we will cover, and the area in which the property resides. 

The average cost to sell a house is about 7.5% of the total sales price, in addition to repairs needed and price haggling from the buyers.

We try to make the offer as fair as possible for you as the home owner.

If you are looking to get market value for your home rather than a quick cash offer, fill out the form above and we may be able to assist with finding a recommended agent or guiding you through FSBO (for sale by owner).

Why should I sell to an investor?

The advantage of selling to an investor (like us!) is the speed at which you can sell it and the fact that it requires no out of pocket costs on your behalf, including repairs. You can sell it as is in any condition, even if it needs major repairs.

Check out our article on investors vs real estate agents.

Can I sell my home if it is in foreclosure?

Yes, but you'll want to do it as quickly as possible. Once you sell your house, your mortgage will be the first thing that's paid off, which means it would take you out of foreclosure instantly.

Be careful! If you are unable to find a buyer or close on the home before the auction date, then you are effectively no longer the owner and can lose everything.

We have been known to purchase homes 3 days before the auction and save a family from a world of headache, so if you have a home that is in foreclosure, give us a call!

How much equity do I need to sell my house?

There's no real hard answer on this, but the more equity you have the more likely you'll be able to walk away with cash in hand.

If the mortgage is too high, we may not be able to purchase the home outright, but we do have some alternative options for you. Keep in mind that these routes don't mean you'll be able to pocket some of the cash, but it does mean you won't be responsible for paying the mortgage note anymore.

Will I need to pay any other commissions or fees?

No! Because we aren't working with any real estate agents, there are no real estate agent  commissions involved. We cover all costs associated with closing, and there are no fees for working with us. 

The offer we agree on is exactly what you should expect to receive.

Do I need to make any repairs?

No! You don't need to worry about making any repairs or putting any money into the home at all!

When we purchase the home, we do it as-is to make the process as simple and quick as possible for you.

What makes you different from other companies?

The biggest difference is transparency

The most common complaint we hear about home buyer companies is that the homeowner felt that the company treated them badly, super low-balled them, or misled them on who is buying the property.

We are an investment company, so we do buy homes at less than market value in exchange for covering all costs associated with the transaction and the repairs to bring the home up to snuff.

If, for some reason, we are unable to purchase the property ourselves, we will do our best to locate someone in our network that will, and we will let you know if we think that is the best course of action to take.
We Make Selling Your House in El Paso As-Is Easy & Hassle-Free
Get cash for your house without having to pay for agent commissions and fees.
Close within 7 days, at a convenient time with a reputable title company.
Sell your house as-is, without requiring any repairs, work, or cleaning.
Don't worry about making payments, falling behind, or waiting for the real estate season.
Why we are the top El Paso cash home buyers
Our primary focus in El Paso is to be a resource to homeowners that need to sell their house quickly due to any financial or life situation. We purchase houses with our own private money or have private investors in our network purchase the house directly. Each of these investors in our network as El Paso home buyers, which just increases the chance that you can get an offer and get your house sold quickly.
That means no banks, approval for financing, or other institutions that require a lot of underwriting and lengthy processes get in the way of helping you out of a tough situation. Because we are an investment company, It's not up to some organization to tell us whether we are or aren't allowed to purchase your home.

We buy houses in any condition

We work with homes that are in nearly any state, whether it's too costly to repair, has been through some tough weathering, or you simply want to get rid of it.

You can get cash for the house in any condition and any location.
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Can't Afford Repairs
Distressed Property
Foreclosure or Tax Liens
Fire or Water Damage
Inherited or Vacant 
Tired Landlord

Our El Paso Home Buyer Process

Here's how it works
tell us your story

Tell us your story

We want to learn more about the property and its current situation.
sell your house

We'll do our research

It's time for us to do our research so we can get you a fair number.
cash offer for your house

Close fast and get your cash

We get to closing in as little as 7 days and you walk away with cash!

Where We Can Help

Are you relocating?

If you’re looking to move and you’re on a tight deadline, it’s important to take care of your home before you go. We will buy your home in it’s current condition so that you can have cash in your pocket for the next chapter of your life.
Sell my house because of relocation...

Did you inherit a house?

If you’ve inherited a home that you don’t want to keep, we are willing to give an offer on it. Holding the house as a rental can bring added stress that you may not want to deal with. We have a vast real estate network that would take great care of the home.
Sell my inherited home...

Are you getting a divorce?

You don’t need to worry about preparing the home and going through repairs, appraisal, staging, arduous negotiation process with potential buyers, and closing. Let us make a quick cash offer for your home so that it can speed up the divorce and go your separate ways with cash in your pockets.
Sell my house because of divorce...

Is your house damaged or in a state of disrepair?

If you have a home that’s in a state where you don’t want to spend the money to repair it or it’s not safe to live in, give us a call. We can assess the property and give you a cash offer. This means that you can sell the house AS-IS, and not have to worry about it ever again.
Sell my damaged home...

Is you or a family member aging out of your home?

If you or your folks have simply grown to an age where you no longer need or want to stay at your current property, we’d be happy to assess it and give you a fair cash offer. The funds from the sale of the home can go towards a more comfortable retirement.
It's time to sell your home...

Are you facing bankruptcy or foreclosure?

We help homeowners going through foreclosure by purchasing the home with cash. This gets them out of the liability with the mortgage company while also letting them keep some cash in their pocket. Otherwise, they’d be left with nothing, a huge hit on their credit, and no home to stay in.
Sell my house before foreclosure...

We buy houses in El Paso

A growing city, El Paso, TX, is home to roughly 682,670 people that live next to the largest military base in the United States, Fort Bliss. El Paso also borders along Mexico, neighboring Ciudad Juarez just on the other side of the border.

Because El Paso houses a huge number of military personnel, there are homes that often go up for sale within the first few years of being purchased. As military personnel move, leave active duty, or otherwise become unable to pay for the home, they're forced to put it up for sale.

One of the most common scenarios we see in El Paso is a home that needs to be sold quickly due to loss of job or income but it has very little equity. We help homeowners in these situations by using other creative financing techniques, such as taking over the payment to relieve the homeowner from the burden of those mortgage payments. If you find yourself in a similar situation, let us help you! You may have thought "how can I sell my house fast in El Paso?". We buy houses El Paso, and we have successfully done it with others who may have been your neighbors.

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