Need to sell your San Antonio home because you or a loved one have aged out of it?

When staying in the home is no longer the best option, we can help make the move a lot easier.
When we or someone in our family needs to be supported for safety reasons, the next question becomes "how do we manage the home?" Most people aren't interested in dealing with the headaches of becoming a landlord, and the top choice then becomes selling the property.

In most cases, because the property is older, it requires a lot of work and investment to bring it up to market value. And then you have to deal with the realtor and closing costs associated with the sale of the home.

It can often be better to sell the house in its as-is condition because it requires no more money out of pocket for you or your family. That's why we work with homeowners in San Antonio and surrounding areas that have aged out of their homes so that they don't have to put more money into the property. 

Instead, we can pay cash for the property or even make monthly payments on it as a steady steam of income, and you no longer have to deal with the property at all.

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