The Dishman Art Museum in Beaumont

Contributor: Cindy May

Dishman Art Museum is a great place to visit in Beaumont. The museum's mission is to be an educational institution and cultural center that seeks to provide our community with diverse artistic endeavors while promoting public awareness of the arts, providing gallery space for visual art exhibitions, and educating children through hands-on experiences.

Visitors can find paintings from Toulouse Lautrec on display alongside contemporary works by regional artists such as Kees van Dongen and Peter Max.

There are also rotating exhibits which showcase different themes throughout the year including nature themed pieces during winter months.

The Dishman Art Museum has been host to many events over it's history such as fundraisers or other activities related to local charities such as "Habitatión en el Valle" and Habitat for Humanity.

Often, the museum will be the site of live music performances or other special events such as weddings!

The Dishman Art Museum is a great day trip destination to see art, explore our community's history with some time outdoors on an expansive green space within walking distance of downtown Beaumont.

- The Dishman Art Museum was founded in 1994 by David Klinzmann who wished to showcase local artists from around Texas through his personal collection along side national and internationally acclaimed artists.

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