Need to sell your Cleveland home because of damage?

We buy homes in any condition, regardless of how much damage has been done to it.
There are many things that can happen to a structure, ranging from interior or exterior water damage, fire damage, electrical damage, natural disasters, or even lack of maintenance on something like a vacant home. 

Damage from any of these sources are often not covered by home insurance, which leaves the homeowner responsible to repair them through their own pocket.

Common ways that a home can be damaged

In a city as particularly old as Cleveland, there are a lot of older homes that need to go through phases of remodeling as time goes on.

Basic wear and tear in a house requires some upkeep and maintenance, and materials in a home may need to be replaced, as it ages and weathering occurs.

Sometimes, it's more than just natural wear and tear that causes damage to a house.

Water damage

Although Cleveland doesn't generally have issues with flooding, water damage can occur in two of the most common ways: plumbing and weather.

In the winter, there is plenty of snow as blizzards roll through the region, and that snow will start to melt as the season transitions.

For many homes, the water retention caused by that melting snow can cause roof damage and damage to other parts of the home that may be exposed the moisture over a prolonged length of time.

This might damage wood or cause mold in areas that are otherwise unseen until it grows and spreads.

The next most common issue is related to plumbing, which may occur during normal and winter seasons.

For folks that forget to protect exterior pipes, these pipes may burst causing a lot of water to fill the area.

If gone unnoticed for too long, the water can start to sit in, under, and around the foundation or other concrete areas and begin eroding underlying soil.

Interior plumbing can cause a lot of damage as it floods and gets under the flooring, causing it to warp, and around the walls where the moisture can sit.

If not handled in time, that water can cause a lot of damage, requiring remediation and mold removal.

For homeowners that aren't able to afford this type of remediation, or if the moisture is left there too long, the costs of repair rises significantly.

Fire and Electrical Damage

Just like any city, Cleveland is prone to its fair share of fires.

A home that has been received either partial or full fires can make the please uninhabitable. 

Whether you have fire insurance or not, dealing with rebuilding can be a very arduous process, and often times the homeowner simply can't deal with living in a temporary place while waiting for the home to be rebuilt.

Fires can be started by electrical shortages, open flames, or accidents from the kitchen.

Regardless of the cause, the damaged home needs to be repaired and that's something an investor can do.
If you have a property that has been damaged, then we'd like to talk to you! 

We buy damaged houses in Cleveland OH, regardless of the extent of the damage or where it's located.
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