Lamar University Beaumont Texas

Contributor: Cindy May

Lamar University in Beaumont, TX is a state university with an enrollment of over 14,000 students. It was founded in 1923 as the Beaumont School of Mines and later became Lamar College before attaining its present name in 1974.

- The school's colors are orange and blue; their mascot is the lion named King Caspian XII.

- There are many undergraduate majors available for students to choose from including: business administration, economics, finance, criminal justice leadership & communication studies, general management information systems technology and software engineering among others.

- Students can also earn graduate degrees through one or more programs that include masters degree programs such as accounting (MSA), educational psychology (MAE) or public health administration (MPA).

Doctoral degrees are offered in: psychology (PhD), business administration (DBA) and public health administration (DrPH).

- Lamar has a student to faculty ratio of 16.

- The admissions process for this school includes submitting an application, completing the required prerequisites such as ACT or SAT scores along with transcripts from high school courses taken.

- Once students have been accepted they can expect to pay around $108,000 based on 2017 tuition costs which is broken down like this: undergraduate fees - $13,595; graduate fees -$14,495; room and board-$12,820.

- In terms of academics there are more than 60 accredited academic programs that cover science and engineering fields including biology chemistry, mathematics, physics and computer science.

Lamar University has been ranked as one of the best schools for business in Texas

- The school is also ranked in the top 100 schools for undergraduate business degrees

- Students can earn their degree through a variety of fields including accounting, finance, marketing and management.

The Lamar University has been educating students since 1946 so they are no newcomers to education

One way that people define what makes this university good is by looking at its student retention rate which stands at 85% meaning many students who start here end up finishing their studies with ease.

-Another thing worth pointing out about this college is how it's accredited by both regional accrediting agencies as well as national ones like Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Students come to Beaumont Texas just for the chance to attend Lamar University and experience college life while living in a city with diversity and low cost of living.

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