John Jay French Museum in Beaumont

Contributor: Cindy May

John Jay French Museum in Beaumont, TX is a museum worth exploring.

- The John Jay French Museum was established in 1961 and offers an extensive collection of antique saddles, spurs, and other western memorabilia to the public

- Visitors can take guided tours or explore at their own leisure on self-guided tours

- The John Jay French Museum also hosts various events throughout the year!

Some of these include: Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival (April), Texas Country Classic Rodeo (August)

So come get your cowboy boots dusty while you enjoy culture and history with family members for a day out!

Go visit this beautiful little town that's not too far away from Houston--you'll be surprised by what you find there.

Who is John Jay French

John Jay French (1881-1953) was a famous cowboy who lived and worked in the Beaumont, Texas area.

He has been referred to as one of our "Best & Brightest" because he served two terms on the city council--once from 1933-34 and then again from 1939-40.

As well as being an influential businessman in his time, John Jay is most noted for founding the first public library system in Southeast Texas - The Beaumont Public Library Association. He helped get this going by donating books and materials that had previously belonged to other libraries he had built; not only did he want people of all ages to have access to reading material but also wanted future generations of kids to have opportunities to learn.

He was also an avid supporter of the arts, and he served on the Board of Directors at Lamar College from 1928-1953 for this reason.

The John Jay French Museum is a testament to his legacy as it showcases artwork by some of America's most important artists (e.g., Thomas Hart Benton) who came through Beaumont during its heyday in the 19th and 20th centuries; not only that but there are other collections here too such as those related to World War II era propaganda posters or regional Texas history--all made available so visitors can experience them firsthand.

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